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Separation and divorce are a common reality in our society nowadays. People separate from their partners for several reasons. Unfortunately, more often than not, when families go through a breakdown, not enough attention is placed on the well-being of the children involved. In most cases, the separation in itself is not necessarily the source of the problem. Rather, it is the way the process is managed that will lead to positive family re-arrangements, parental satisfaction at decisions achieved and a balanced adjustment for all involved on a day to day basis.

Research has shed a light on the fact that the aspects that make divorce detrimental to a child’s healthy development are linked to levels of acrimony between parents, the shifting living circumstances, loss of significant relationships and lack of a consistent routine.

Relationship Between Parents & Children During Divorce Do I Need A Lawyer?

Making sure that the relationship between children and their parents remain positive during and after separation is also a good predictor of a child’s healthy adjustment to the new family structure. Both parents and children experience sadness and distress of no longer spending continued amounts of time together, however maintaining a nurturing relationship between parents and their children is fundamental to their well being in the long run. It sounds simple, but this is easier said than done.A family psychologist will be able to help. 

Stress & Divorce On The Northern Beaches

Divorce is considered a major source of stress. It is ranked as cause number one of a psychological breakdown in healthy functioning individuals in the developed world. So how are parents to function well and attend to their children’s needs when they are going through the emotional tidal waves of separation? There are many benefits at looking for professional help during this time in order to stay afloat and avoid commonly made mistakes. When facing so much turmoil and instability, the assistance of experienced caring professionals is of invaluable help so that the negative effects of separation on children’s development are avoided or repaired.

At Little Steps Psychology we assist families to navigate the difficult time of separation and post-separation. We are thorough and skillful at supporting parents and children during the process and we work alongside parents on planning shared care arrangements. Our aim is to ensure that both parents and their children adjust well to the new phase in their lives as a separate family. Many families will go through a court procedure and will need the aid and advice of a lawyer. This can add to the stress and a legal child custody case can be a stressful time we try our utmost to be impartial and give advice that will benefit the family unit as a whole.

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