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Little Steps Helping Children With Depression

At Little Steps Psychology we take great care in helping your child manage and deal with depression.

We all feel sad occasionally sometimes things don’t work out exactly as we had planned. Children have these emotions and thoughts as well as adults but suffering from depression is very different from just being sad.

Depression can stop children from enjoying normal activities and prevent them from taking part in their day to day normal lives. Some kids display “masked depression” and that is when children act out. Acting out behaviours come in varied forms: anger outbursts for seemingly unwarranted reasons, disruptive behaviour & negative attention seeking.

Signs Your Child Is Suffering From Depression

Generally your child will find it hard to explain with words exactly what they are feeling and experiencing. There are a few tell tale signs and if your child is suffering more than one or two we recommend your local GP as first point of contact.

The signs include;

  • Low energy levels;

  • Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy;

  • Difficulty concentrating;

  • Making negative comments about themselves;

  • Isolation from other children, friends, and peers;

  • Becoming difficult to please;

  • Overeating or undereating;

  • Problems sleeping;

  • Become negative about most things;

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