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Say No To Bullying On The Northern Beaches

There is no fun in bullying. Nowadays, most schools in Australia have strong policies against it. School bullying is unacceptable and is now deemed illegal and punishable by law. Bullying is the intentional act of harassing in physical, verbal, or psychological ways. Sometimes bullying is done by humiliating and spreading rumors about the bullied child. Other time children use social media or electronic messaging to hurt someone else’s feelings. 

It’s important to take bullying seriously and not just brush it off as something that will “toughen up” a child. On the surface bullying can be perceived as teasing however bullying can be physically and emotionally frightening. The effects of bullying can be very serious and affect a child’s sense of safety and self-worth for years. In severe cases, bullying has lead to tragedies, such as suicide and a history of chronic depression. Most children who are a target of ongoing bullying end up having poor academic progress and difficulties making and trusting friends.

Most of us have experienced bullying at some stage of our lives and just because it is common does not mean it is acceptable and that your child has to put up with the abuse.

Signs Of Bullying

  • Physical signs such as bruising, cuts, scratches, ripped clothing, bedwetting;                    

  • Not wanting to attend school;

  • Isolation at school;

  • No friends to play with on the weekend;
  • Your child talking about being bullied, teased or intentionally injured;

Little Steps Tips For Bullying

It is important to talk to your child in a calm relaxed, soothing and understanding manner when the child opens up about being victim of bullying. It is a parents natural instinct to want to protect the child and very often upon disclosure the parent will become angry and in return the child may shut down about what has been happening. It is a great idea to inform your child about why people bully and to provide tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

A psychologist’s job is to assist the child in the recovery and to help parents implement strategies and engage the school to prevent schoolyard and cyber bullying.

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