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Little Steps Child Anxiety Help Northern Beaches

There are many different reasons your child may be suffering from anxiety, we understand that in order to help your child we must approach your situation in a caring, compassionate and tailored manner.

  • Family divorce;

  • We help children and  their familys deal with anxiety; 

  • We give solutions without blame;

  • We treat children ages from 3-15 years old;

  • We help get to the core of the problem;

  •  We assist in finding solutions to school bullying; 

  • We help children overcome shyness and social phobia;

Anxiety is not uncommon in children. Most children learn to  cope with their anxiety however extra help may be needed when,

  • Your child feels more anxious than other children;

  •  Anxiety interfears with everyday schooling;

  • Anxiety intefears with everyday activities that other children do normaly;

  • The fears and worries are not equivalent to the situation;

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