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Marcela Nolasco

Marcela Nolasco (qualifications) is a child psychologist located on Sydney’s the Northern Beaches.

Marcela specializes in multiple areas of child psychology included but not limited to

Marcela Nolasco has been practicing in both the public and private sectors in Australia for more than 10 years. Marcela started crafting her passion for child psychology, initially through working with children with neurological and congenital conditions. She is experienced at developing comprehensive care management plans for children within the ASD spectrum and working together with their families during the first infancy (from 0-3 years old) and the formative years in order to achieve the best developmental outcomes to the children. Marcela is extremely caring and skilled at understanding the anxieties and insecurities parents face when they have a child that has ongoing challenges.

She has furthered her studies in perinatal psychology, she has a very gentle and yet realistic approach that helps new families establish positive patterns and thrive right from the start.

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